Why not take a visit to the Traillite Theatre while you're at the show!

Here you will be informed and inspired by our expert exhibitors as they present seminars on a variety of topics such as finding unique camping spots within our beautiful country, tips on renting out your motorhome to make additional passive income, how to choose the right motorhome for your needs, and much more!
Best of all they are all FREE!

2018 Schedule

10:30am - Life of a 3-way fridge - Dometic

Ever wondered how your three-way fridge works? Come and listen to an explanation from Robert Ferguson of Dometic NZ where he delves in depth into the “Secret Lives of 3-way fridges”, how they work, why they don’t and ways to get the best performance from them.

11:30am - Let us get you ‘Off the Beaten Track’

Ready to interact with a side of New Zealand that you don’t normally see?...

Enjoy this informative introduction to landowners and holidaymakers! Discover a world of shared experiences. Learn more about these unique holiday destinations, which sees landowners sharing their piece of paradise, and delivering to holidaymakers, a slice of New Zealand that they would never otherwise find.  Plenty of time to ask questions and discover the New Zealand you never knew existed.

12:30pm - Earning Income from your RV - Mighway

'Mighway' will give some useful tips, information and hints on renting out your motorhome to make additional passive income.

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1:30pm - Internet for Motorhomes, Caravans, Baches and Boats - Wireless Nation

Find out about a flexible internet solution for your motor home that you can also also use at home, on your boat or in your bach! Brought to you by Bill from Wireless Nation, an experienced internet service provider who was recently voted "Best Rural Broadband Provider" in the NZ Broadband Compare Awards.



2:30pm - The Essential Need to Know Before Purchasing a Motorhome or Caravan - Traillite

This seminar is to help you avoid making an expensive purchase mistake by buying the wrong motorhome or caravan for your intended purpose. TrailLite consult hundreds of customers every year who are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of product on the market and are anxious about buying the wrong product for their lifestyle. TrailLites goal with this informative seminar is to get you clear about your needs and ensure you buy once and buy right. Everything you need to know to make that happen will be included in this seminar.